Looking Back At 2013 and Welcoming 2014 with AWSUSA

Dec 18, 13

There’s only about 2 weeks remaining for the year 2013 to come to an end. What an eventful year it has been!

We have decided to compile 5 of the most memorable (and not so memorable) events of 2013.

1. The year Obama began his second term: 2013 will also be remembered as the year Barack Obama was re-elected. Things may not look so rosy for him but he has managed to hold things together pretty well.

2. Tragedy at Boston Marathon: A marathon is supposed to celebrate mankind’s triumph over body and spirit. But the bombings that happened on April 15 near the marathon’s finish line served as a warning that we are still not safe from cowardly attacks.


3. New $100 note: The redesigned $100 note has a lot of security features to aid in authentication. A highlight is the blue ribbon that appears in the front of the note.

4. Debt-ceiling crisis: The controversial stalemate revolving around the Affordable Care Act resulted in a shutdown of federal government machinery. This was the first since the 1995-96 shutdown during Clinton’s administration.

5. A wonderful time at the movies: 2013 ranks easily among the best years for Hollywood at the box office. What a year it has been!

Iron Man 3, Despicable Me 2, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, Man of Steel and Monsters University are just some of the blockbusters that graced the movie screen. Horror fans had their dose of gore as well with the reboots of Carrie and Evil Dead. And who can forget The Conjuring?

Our personal favorite of the year is Gravity. What a movie!

At AWSUSA, we are proud to have collaborated with hundreds of clients to complete their artwork requirements. We had several exciting offers through 2013 – whether it’s the free $25 on sign-up or 50% discount on all services, among others. Our latest offer is a whopping 50% off on all services for this coming weekend.

Also, look out for our Christmas and year-end sales offer digitizing, vector art and lot more!! You won’t be disappointed. So get in touch with us to take our business relationship in 2014 to a whole new level!

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