National Thank Your Customers Week: 5 ways to show gratitude

Jan 7, 16
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Have you missed the opportunity to thank your customers during thanksgiving? Though thanking your customers should never be occasion specific, we thought this could be a good opportunity to convey a heartfelt thank you to your valued customers.

Research shows that customers are likely to spend more if they are thanked on a regular basis. Here are few proven ways to show gratitude to your customers this new year’s:

  1. Take it personally

Don’t hesitate to connect with your customers on a personal level. It doesn’t mean you to have to know where they are spending their next holidays at, but simply a call on their birthdays or anniversaries or any special occasion to convey a thank you message would be nice.


  1. Connect on social media

Connecting with customers on the social media sphere can be very rewarding. There always will be a lot of customers and patrons who show their loyalty to you via social media. Spot them, connect with them and reward them online. For e.g. – take their permission to use their image and tag them to give out a thank you post.


  1. A freebie always work

Take time to craft a nice gift and send them to your valued customer with a personalized note. Select a gift which has utility, try to identify what your customer would prefer. Wait till you get a call back from your customer all delighted and feeling good about the freebie received.


  1. Mail a hand written note

The old ways never fail to charm customers. Write down a hand written letter and mail it the traditional way. You can use a vintage look to make things more appealing. Get a nice vintage cover, use yellow pages and write with ink. You may want to mail a fresh bouquet of lilies along with the letter.


  1. Hold an event and invite them over

Organize an event especially for the customers you want to thank.  Create an agenda, arrange a buffet, score promotional goodie bags, etc. Invite customers over and tell them how much thankful you are. Click loads of pictures and later send them the framed ones.


Whatever you do make sure you do it with authenticity, a fake thank you will always be noticed. Always present your ‘thank you’ in a manner that shows you really care. Don’t attempt to thank everyone at the same time, you can’t make everyone feel special at the same time. Try and make it significant for a few and go all out.

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