News: VisionUSA is a winner again for best website content/functionality

Feb 18, 16

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We take pride to apprise you about our award winning multi-channel solution eWIZ. VisionUSA powered by eWIZ once again stole all the glares in the PPAI Expo 2016 held in Las Vegas. The PPAI Technology 2016 Silver Award for Website Content/Functionality’ went to VisionUSA.

We take the opportunity to enlighten you about what went behind the success of VisionUSA.

 Engaging your clients in meaningful conversation over the internet poses a great challenge. eWIZ bridges the communication gap by delivering customized content for your clients. eWIZ aims to create customized solutions which are only appropriate for a set of clients.

 eWIZ designs a tailored response for your clients through digital catalogs, where customers can place sample, quote and order requests, all in minutes.

 eWIZ lets you modulate catalog campaigns which can be disbursed to your prospective clients in just a press of a button, further you are served with rich analytics which drives refinement in future campaigns and boosts sales.

 eWIZ is malleable, it can integrate with any system you currently operate on. It is built to connect with order management, ERP and other systems you work with, so information connects and enhances your operations.

The bottom line is, eWIZ can dramatically speed up the generation and conversion of opportunities by offering exactly what your clients are looking for.
We ardently wish to contribute to your success story because we believe and have always taken pride in collective success.

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