No one will blame you for global warming except your children.

Apr 30, 15

A very popular phrase is losing its value, does action really speak more than words? With months dedicated to surging issues, let’s find the answers. April is dedicated to make America beautiful, but the process of beautification calls for undoing certain illness we have ourselves inflicted upon the earth. Fact is, it’s not entirely possible to undo the damage done, but each bit counts and one day the human race can once again find a strong foothold on mother earth.


Here are few tips on how you can contribute your bit to conserve nature:


Paddle Paddle

Leave the car at home, start cycling. If your workplace is far off, you can start by driving your car half way and then taking the cycle. Imagine if everyone of us takes to cycling even thrice a week, we can cut down on a lot of energy.


Step Up

Try walking to short destinations instead of hitting on the gas. Walking is not just great to keep you in shape. it’s a great for the environment as well. Plus you will save the hassle of parking.



Look out for transportation that can be shared. You can yourself connect with your neighbourhood to find out who travels to the same destination as you. Once you have found three four people you can do carpooling because it just makes a lot of sense rather than travelling all alone in your big SUV.

Be the virtual shopper

We love shopping online and so do you. What if we tell you, that by shopping virtually you are actually saving planet earth. Does it make you smile? Yes, no trips to the store means less carbon dioxide emissions hence less energy use.


 No more overflowing garbage bins

Think on how you can reduce or recycle waste. Try to buy items which requires less packaging or buy the ones which can be recycled. If you have a garden or even flower pots, you can turn around your wet waste into amazing manure. Combine the waste and spread it across the soil. Plough the soil and see how beautiful and fast your plants grow.


Don’t pay for the cup

This may sound weird, but carrying your coffee cup to work is just what you need. Imagine the number of times you are using the paper cup at office or any coffee outlet. Of course we can’t survive without coffee, you don’t need to. Simply carry your cup and use it in coffee shops without a glitch. Just remember you are saving a lot of tress which goes for making your disposable paper cups.

Go natural

Many beauty care products include unregulated product usage like palm oil, harvested from tropical rainforests. When buying products look up the labels and the ingredients. Avoid buying products which harm the environment. After all being eco-friendly will not make you look ugly 🙂


Local is the best

Eat locally, buy locally produced food rather than imported ones. Imported food stuffs consume a lot of energy while they are being transported in cartons through ships and aeroplanes. Buying local products not only helps the environment but also takes care of the economic balance.

Have you been switching off lights and turning down the water tap? If yes, you are already environment conscious. Take these next steps with conviction to work towards a better world.


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