PPAI tech Summit 2016, San Francisco: What should you expect ideally!

Aug 16, 16

The PPAI Technology Summit 2016 is a great event for exchanging ideas, fostering collaboration and above all taking your learning curve a notch higher when it comes to the future of technology in the promotional industry.

Like any other technology summit, where you get exposed to new technological developments, their applications for your business, future implications on business growth, the agenda for the PPAI tech Summit is pretty much laid on the same lines.

Here’s how their agenda is spread across two days of the event and what you should ideally expect from them:

PPAI Technology Summit 2016 Agenda What To Expect

Day 2

Cybersecurity: Protect your enterprise

Elements of a secure multi-channel architecture

  • Alignment of business domains and security requirements
  • Grouping by capability
  • Modularity
  • Consistency throughout the stack
  • Integration across the supply chain

Day 2

Electronic Standards and how they will change the industry

  • Advanced automated responses
  • Integrated cloud calling
  • Internet response bots

Day 2

Big Data – Can we apply it and how?

Day 2

What’s working with search engine optimization?

Day 2

ERPs in promotional products industry: what’s working now?

Day 3

Designing the Redesign Process

Day 3

Role of Mobile In Promotional Products

For the detailed schedule visit the PPAI Tech Summit page.
Have fun at SF. Check out the 10 best restaurants you can dine at San Francisco.
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