Product Bulk Image Upload

Jan 2, 10

1) Navigate to admin URL

2) Login to admin panel

3) Go to Dashboard -> Products -> Click on Product Bulk Image Upload.


4) From this page you can upload each size of the image for multiple products at once.

  1. Thumbnail image- Images which are displayed on the listing page.
  2. b. Medium Image- The default image which is displayed on the product details page
  3. Large Image- These are the zoom images which are displayed on the product details page.
  4. Hi- Res Image- These are displayed on the high res gallery page.

Please Note: The image names should be same as that of the names mentioned in the “defaultimagename” column of the import/export spreadsheet. See attached “importexport data” screenshot.

For e.g. For product code ABC123, all of the images which you are uploading viz. Thumbnail image, Medium Image, Large Image, Hi- Res Image, VS image should be uploaded with same name ABC123.jpg(each with separate dimensions).

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