5 Interesting Golf Facts

Mar 22, 13

Last August, we celebrated National Golf Month with fanfare across the country. Several clubs provided excellent deals on golf lessons and memberships. Sports stores were not to be left behind – they offered exciting discounts on golfing accessories and clothing. The USA is clearly the best place to be for golfers! In this article, we celebrate the spirit of American golf with 5 interesting facts on the sport.

1. The Origin of Golf
The sport’s origins are open to debate. However, historians point out that ‘Chole’, a game that is considered to be golf’s predecessor, was quite popular in Belgium and France as early as the 12th century. Today, Chole is a dying sport but is still played in certain parts of Europe. Modern golf, as we play today, has its origins in Scotland. The Guinness Book Of World Records has confirmed that the Musselburgh Links in Scotland is the world’s first golf course. There are records of games played on this course as early as March 2, 1672.

2. PGA of America is born
The Professional Golfers’ Association of America (PGA of America) was established in 1916 to facilitate the sport’s growth by grooming golf professionals. A total of 35 professional and amateur golfers were involved in the formation of PGA of America’s constitution. The PGA Tour, the force behind several premier tournaments in North America, was formed in 1968 after splitting away from PGA of America.

3. The legacy behind the Masters
The Masters was first played in 1934 and is easily the sport’s most prestigious event. The tournament owes its existence to Clifford Roberts and Bobby Jones, who jointly founded the Augusta National Golf Club in 1933. The legendary Jack Nicklaus has won the tournament the maximum times (6). 2012 winner Bubba Watson earned $1,440,000 for his win while Nicklaus earned $144,000 for his last win in 1986!

4. 1945 – The year of Bryon Nelson
In 1945, Bryon Nelson achieved what none had till then – he won 18 PGA tournaments, 11 of them in a row! His records remain intact to this day.

5. Coby Orr’s feat
Coby Orr holds the distinction of being the youngest ever to shoot a hole-in-one. He was only 5 when he achieved this feat in 1975 at the Riverside Golf Course in San Antonio, Texas. Little has been heard of him since then.

We, at ArtworkServicesUSA, look forward to more sporting achievements in the world of golf.

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