Time spent with family is worth every second: Tips to make your Family Reunion a Hit

Jul 8, 15


Family Reunion Month is becoming popular more and more. This is evident in the reports of American Resort Development Association last year. Families are travelling extensively, the summers being the hottest choice for travellers. An estimated thirty six percent plans to take multi-generational trips this year. The demand for popular places and spacious accommodations are on the rise. As we plan arrangements for the reunion, we get apprehensive about the quality of time spent with our extended families, as at the end of the day everyone wants to be happy and satisfied about the whole idea.

Here are few tips that will help you plan your reunion pretty well and ensure everyone enjoys to the fullest:


Planning ahead

Plan in advance, at least by a month. More the number of people more prior should be the planning. Keep in mind not to over plan as well, do not make a schedule where your folks can’t hang around and chill.



The location must be easily accessible to all the family members intending to join the reunion. Also check out the easiest transportation available to reach the destination, as elderly members might find discomfort in travelling long distance by train.


Close the generation gap

Including members of all the age groups add color and vitality to the reunion. Assemble everyone over a conference call and ask everyone to join the reunion and explain how much it is going to be.


Split the tasks

Don’t take up all the tasks. Involve other members who are as excited about the reunion as you are and split the tasks. Coordinate with others frequently to ensure everything is going great. It will only make the plan more foolproof.


Communicate with folks

While you might keep one or two things secret from everyone as an organizer of the event, do make sure to communicate all your plans to your family members. Let them know what you are planning so they are comfortable and know what’s coming. Consider their likes and opinions to include in your master plan.


Plan for everyone

Your plan should be such that it will include activities for all age groups. You don’t want anyone to feel left out.


Document the event

Be prepared with big on memory sd cards, because you will need a load of them to document all the funny and memorable things that are going to happen during the reunion. While someone can be the photographer, delegate someone who will do the videography.


In the end don’t forget to have fun while making awesome plans, after all planning can be super fun.


Here’s wishing you a successful and fun filled family reunion! Do leave your comments and give your suggestions if any.

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