Vector Artwork Services for Promotional Companies by ArtworkServicesUSA

Jan 8, 14

The vector conversion service of ArtworkServicesUSA (AWS) creates vector files from any jpeg or bitmap source and converts them into industry standard vector file formats for Illustrator and Corel Draw with a best rate guarantee. You name it, we can do it. Visit our website: OR Call us at +1 443 283 3456

Converting images, logos, texts and any complex bitmap into vector art format is a vital stage for every promotional product. We excel in vector conversion! Complexity motivates us and drives our creative workmen to reach greater heights. At ArtworkServicesUSA, we have a talented and dedicated team of Adobe Illustrator professionals who are skilled in converting your bitmap file into camera ready art file as per your requirement.


Once the vector conversion is completed, your files are ready to imprint on promotional products.

We convert raster images, jpegs, pdfs, bitmaps, photos and text files to vector art files, ready for the imprint area. Our raster to vector conversion services are fast and of high quality.

We also do rush jobs at the same price with no compromise on efficiency and quality.

It’s all about trying it out once. Place your faith on us and see the difference. You would be experiencing nothing but high quality. We are sure that doing business with us will turn out fruitful for you.

ArtworkServicesUSA is a pioneer in providing expert outsourced services and technology solutions for the promotional industry in the US. We systematically deliver technology-driven end-to-end artwork and digitizing services to promotional suppliers and distributors by leveraging industry expertise and top-notch talent.  Visit our website: OR Call us at +1 443 283 3456

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