What make Smart Phones Smart?

Mar 21, 11

With technological revolution in mobile industry, demand for advance phones is rising every moment. As professionals are enticed with better version of handsets, they are quipped to do more while on the go. So, what make these mobile giants strive to achieve their user demands? What all consumer behaviors feed the attention of mobile giants to create a revolutionary handset each time?

The answer needs to be smart. And, so it is.
Smart phones are loaded with chic features, stylish and sleek body which helps its users to flaunt it across their audience. They provide digital voice service as well as text messaging, e-mail, Web browsing, still and video cameras, MP3 player, video viewing and often video calling. In addition to their built-in functions, smartphones can run myriad applications, turning the once single-minded cellphone into a mobile computer.

Every Smart Phone has an operating system such as Google’s Android or Microsoft’s Windows Mobile to run the show. These operating systems also enable a Smart Phone to run applications popularly known as “apps”. This is yet another key difference from a “regular” cell phone. There are thousands of free and paid apps available, in categories including business, gaming, entertainment, and just about anything else you can imagine. Smart Phones have gone beyond its indulgence characteristic, and also become business friendly.
Marketing focus has transitioned with Smart Phones
Businesses and their customers have become smart with ever-changing market trends. While Mobile Web is exploding onto the marketplace, commercial world is translating into new revenue opportunity with innovative marketing possibilities. This new media of mobile website represents an excellent opportunity for many companies to ascertain the optimal strategy to engage its customers by utilizing the third screen medium. Smart Phones aptly shortens the gap for these companies and their customers, essentially on the go.
Choosing right Smart Phone for you
Selecting a Smart Phone from array of brands illustrates your smart choice. You have to zero down amongst the two exclusive yet major differentiating features in Smart Phones, Screen Size or a Full Keyboard? If you take pictures in dark settings, make sure your phone has a flash. And although pixels matter for taking good pictures, a quality lens is even more important. If you want to store large files like music, pictures, or video, you can choose a phone with a high memory capacity.
Why wait then? Get smart with your desired Smart Phone.

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