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Mar 19, 15


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Let’s get real here, with our newly launched virtual sampling tool we can proudly take our competitors head on. Here we have a tool that shapes your imagination, but the biggest question is perhaps ‘ In what ways Promo Virtuals is going to benefit me where others cannot”?

– Let’s look at the key takeaway’s:Promo Virtuals is a complete web solutions software which does not require any plug-in while installation or in the future unlike Technology which dwells on the threshold of prehistoric ideas.

– It works way faster in the scenario where the product setup is done once and takes off smoothly enabling the user to create  a VS (virtual sample) in a matter of seconds.

– The product repository is ready for users to embellish it with logos of their choice. Most often than not the logos are easy to embed/imprint and it does not take more than seconds to edit and send them out to desired recipients.

– Ease of use: the VS is tool does not involve any complex actions. It’s 3 step process makes life easier. Simply upload data, set imprint and embed link on website.

Is it pocket friendly? Well, we can’t be nibbling on peanuts but Promo Virtuals gives you absolute value for money in the following ways:

– Promo Virtuals is at least 30% cheaper than any other VS tool in the market.

– You only pay for what you use.  Charges are only usage/result based.

– Promo Virtuals ensure that heavy users get charged more and light users get charged less/minimal.

– First 30 days of usage is absolutely free, after which users can choose from 3 packages depending upon their usage.

To know the packages click –

Do leave a comment below if you have any questions, we will be happy to get back to you!

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