Why track emails? Benefits of having an email marketing software

Dec 3, 15


The information age has brought forward an immense plethora of knowledge which either goes to oblivion or can be strategically used in your business for overwhelming results. There is a substantive amount of data generated everyday on the internet when you over your mouse or click on something. Technology has gone far off the cliff and for those of you wondering if your emails were opened or not; yes there are software’s in the market which can extract remarkable information which could be the key for your success.


We all know the benefits of email marketing, but what next? You probably worry half the day if your email was viewed by the intended person or which product got the most click? Now you can cut through your imagination and use that time to act upon pro-business strategies supported by insightful data.


What an email tracking software offers:


1. Email tracking allows you to get real time notifications. They tell you when, where and how your email has been opened.


2. They allow you to know from exactly which location your email has been opened. Not just the state, but the city or town from which has been opened.


3. Email trackers tell you how long your email was kept open.


4. They allow you to know if your emails were forwarded.


5. They provide you with insights if the email was shared on social and which social media hypertext got the most clicks.


6. An email tracking software tells you which products got the most clicks, hence you know which products in your website are the hot cakes.


7. The software also tells you from which device and operating system the email was opened. E.g. – IOS, PC, tablet, IOS mobile, MAC, etc.


8. An email tracking software also tells you how many times your emails were opened and if the email was opened from multiple devices. You can determine from this, which device people prefer to read your email from and hence design your emails to be more device friendly.


9. The email tracking software lets you determine what time your emails were kept open longer. In a study conducted on email marketing, it was proved that businesses who followed up with customers soon after they have opened their emails fetched better results for the business.


Email marketing software’s are now evolved and offer better ways to improve business and customer relationships. They have become a critical component in the sales process.


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