Why use an e-catalog when print catalogs are doing good enough?

Feb 4, 16

Not just convenient and cheaper, e-catalogs are environment friendly unlike it’s once popular counterpart, the paper catalog. Every year we inch towards digital success that pushes us to box up tons of paper. E-catalogs play a vital role in the road to e-commerce success.



So how does abandoning all your paper catalogs and embracing e-catalog helps?

  • It is not rocket science to know that e-catalogs cuts down all the costs and time take to produce a paper catalog.


  • Paper catalog bears the burden of polluting the environment, whereas e-catalogs contribute towards being environment friendly.


  • Paper catalogs take a ton of time to get delivered to the concerned person unless it is handed over directly. The delivery incurs a risk of loss in the transition. E-catalogs on the other hand can be delivered instantly via emails/downloads.


  • Paper catalogs simply fail to give a real time experience. E-catalogs can be updated instantly, change can be made in the present time, but a paper catalog once delivered cannot be changed.


  • E-catalogs gives you the freedom to share it easily across verticals. For e.g., social media, one click allows you to share with the social masses without incurring any extra cost.


  • E-catalogs are not perishable. They are forever stored in the internet. Paper catalogs are easily perishable as the paper gets old, torn, etc. There are negligible chances of losing an e-catalog.


E-catalog is a power branding tool in today’s time and they bring about a distinct competitive edge over the business who do not use them.

To know how to create an e-catalog visit this link –

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