Why you should go for an End-to-End Catalog solution?

Jul 1, 15

If you are reading this, we assume you have decided to outsource your studio job requirements and looking for some article which does the bigger talks, because you are still indecisive. You are in a dilemma trying to find reasons why you should look for an end-to-end catalog service provider or should you splitthe job between vendors. Well, there are pros and cons of outsourcing your entire studio job to one vendor, but if you read on you will find the pros weigh more.



-It not only saves manpower but man-hour.

-The endless meetings you will be scheduling with your vendors can eat up your busy schedule and may label you as less productive.

-It simply saves effort, communicating with one person rather than many makes sense and saves a great deal of time.

-Better management, there is a two way flow of communication hence any brief from your end goes to a single point of contact eliminating chances of a misunderstanding.

-The cycle of the job, for eg – photography, editing and cataloguing goes through a chain under one roof hence the chances of error is minimized.

-It saves you from the banter of different vendors.

-You are only concerned with the end product, if anything goes wrong in the cycle of production, only people liable are the vendors whom you have outsourced the task.

-Mostly, it takes a lot off from your shoulder and lets you focus on the job at hand and also increases your credibility to the higher management.



-The vendor you outsource your work to must be a reputed agency, if not then try to figure out their credibility through customer reviews and case studies.

-Talk to your point of contact and find out their weakest and strongest points. If you find a great dis-balance in the service they promise to provide you can take itas the red signal.

-There are probabilities that may involve an error to the end product for which you may have to bear the charges applied but its different with every vendor so before you take a leap of faith, understand the process and discuss the terms with your vendor thoroughly.

What does a holistic Catalog solution provider offer:



Usually, the vendor will own a studio where they carry out all the jobs from producing to designing. The studios are generally well equipped with all the modern technologies and  the entire product imagery workflow takes place under one roof – product photography and post-processing of images-ensuring conformance to various e-commerce platforms.


Image Editing

All the services that comes under the umbrella of image editing are done in studios. The services comprise of fully hand drawn clipping paths and masks, even for complex shapes, to obtain highest quality product images ready for print. Background removal from product photographs; optimizing images for the web, enhancing or cleaning up product shots are some of the services that you can also get.


Multiplatform Catalog

A multiplatform catalog design includes designing the product catalog which involves cover, template and concept designs. The content then goes through the process of proofreading, typesetting and determining the page layout. And the cherry on the icing should come with a solution that enables you to broadcast the finished catalog to your clients online through one database which is compatible with multiple device.


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